The Essential Kitchen Appliance For the Modern Home and Catering Business For 2010 – Induction Hobs – Business Commercial

Induction hobs are fast becoming the norm for many commercial kitchens and homes worldwide. There are countless advantages over the traditional electric element hotplate, and as the price for induction units drops, they are becoming a very real contender to the gas cooker.If you are unfamiliar with the concept of induction cooking, it is due to the fact that it is still a relatively unknown technology, especially in the average consumer market. The advanced technology involved has meant that the cost for an induction appliance compared to an equivalent gas unit has been much greater. Only in the last 3 or 4 years have the large domestic corporations got hold of this technology and begun reducing the cost per unit and implementing the technology into affordable consumer products.The science behind induction cooking is simple: The cooking heat is generated when an electromagnetic coil embedded in the ceramic glass cook top is switched on and a ferrous metal pot is placed on the cook top. When the pot is removed, the heat generation instantly stops. With this in mind, you should understand that any non-ferrous objects: a ceramic plate or your hand, for example, in contact with the cooking area will induce no heat, even if the element is turned on. This fact alone contributes to one of the many safety advantages of induction over electric and gas hobs, without even considering the efficiency aspect.Induction hobs offer unmatched energy efficiency over all other forms of cooking. Yes… even gas! At 50-60% efficiency: gas hobs waste almost half the energy through poor conductivity. A gas cooker also creates the risk of an explosion due to a leak or accidentally leaving the supply on after use. Gas hobs provide instant heat, no waiting for the hotplate to heat up. An induction hob offers equally instant heating and incredibly precise temperature control. Anything that a gas hob can do; an induction hob can do better. And at 90% efficiency, it’s difficult to find any downsides with them!There really are countless advantages to using induction:

Safety Features – Induction hobs only heat the bottom of the pan and the food contained in it, surrounding areas do not heat up enough to burn the user, or anybody else; curious children for example. The induction elements are extremely safe and the risk of a kitchen fire is greatly reduced when compared to gas rivals. (Kitchen fires are the cause of many accidents in the home and commercial environment) Most modern induction hobs also come with a long list of auto-safety features as standard such as auto-shut off, anti-overspill, small object detection and many more.

Controls – Commercial units are usually supplied with simple rotary control knobs which provide a robust solution to a busy kitchen environment. Many domestic models are equipped with touch sensitive pads which adjust very sensitive variable heat settings – from simmer to full boil or to keeping food just warm.

Maintenance and Care – Because the hob itself does not generate heat, spillages are not baked onto the surface. As the cooking top is just a smooth ceramic surface, a simple wipe with a damp soft cloth or use of a non-abrasive cleaner is enough to keep the cook top clean and shiny.

No Excess Heat – Since the cook top itself does not heat up; kitchens equipped with induction appliances are substantially cooler. The elements do not generate any heat or use any energy at all after the utensils have been removed. This can make a huge difference in busy commercial kitchens, helping to reduce the cost of cooking and cooling the kitchen.
In a modern kitchen: functionality is paramount. By now, I hope you will agree that induction hobs are without doubt the dominating force in the cooking appliance world. You can mark my words that induction will be the only cooking method for kitchens of the future. With unsustainable fuel sources becoming obsolete and energy efficient becoming the influencing factor for all major economic decisions, it’s easy to understand why induction is making a big impact. If you still aren’t convinced: you just have take a look at one to realise the awesome style and elegance. It won’t be long until you are cooking on induction… you can trust me on this one.