Heat Sealing Machines Are a Necessary Investment in Any Food Business – Business Commercial

The new age commercial kitchen is a sleek concise and well-oiled machine. It has all the necessary catering equipment to speed up the cooking process while delivering consistency in service delivery every time. Wouldn’t you, then, want to speed up the process of packaging the chopped, diced or other prepared food items in your kitchen? Heat Sealing Machines are handy kitchen equipment when it comes to hygienically sealing foods and controlling portion sizes.Heat Sealing Machines are great for food storage. You can seal vegetables (whole or chopped) to keep them fresh until you need them. If you sell nuts, biltong or sweets, heat sealing selected portions allows you to control the portion size that you intend to sell. It is also a hygienic way to package nuts, biltong and sweets because you are able to completely seal the whole package which will not allow any air or foreign bodies into the package. If you want to control the thickness of the pack that you are sealing, you can use the adjustable timer to set the packet thickness. Your customers will appreciate that you are putting their health and hygiene at the top of your list. This will ensure repeat customers.Heat Sealing Machines are available in different sizes according to your requirements. The sizes are determined by the sealing bar. The sealing bar sizes are 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm. With each sealing bar size, the size of the unit and the power output increases. The weight of the smallest units starts at 2.3kg up to the largest unit at 5.5kg. The corresponding power output starts at 0.26 kilowatts up to 0.65 kilowatts.These units seal packages very quickly with an average heating time of only 1.5 seconds. Once you place the pack in the Heat Sealing Machine, it will seal almost instantly. So you could prepare a lot of vegetables and seal them within a short period time. Or you can package nuts or sweets in less than half the time than if you had packaged and sealed it by hand. This cuts out a lot of manual labour too.These Heat Sealing Machines are handy catering equipment that every butchery, biltong shop, sweet shop or nut store should have. It is also ideal for commercial kitchens that prepare their vegetables in the morning before the rush of the day starts. Chopped vegetables remain fresh and are still as flavorful when served.We can all agree that any outlet or establishment that serves food must invest in a heat sealing machine as this is not a luxury purchase but a mandatory investment in your food business.